Housekeeping or Something Like That

Housekeeping or Something Like That

I am doing a horrible job at this weekly blogging thing. In my defense I have been writing…just not here. Which doesn’t really help you all any. Not that I’ve been helping you with anything anyway.


I’ve started two separate posts and they are both sitting in my drafts because I forgot where I was going with them/stopped caring halfway into writing them. Let me just say that it’s a sad state of affairs when you lose interest in what you were typing.

So yeah. Things are happening and not it’s just not awesome Facebook statuses and random Tweets or my (estimated) 436 listen of Hotline Bling.

‘Kay…that’s really all. How y’all doing?

Coupla Thoughts (Episode 2)

Coupla Thoughts (Episode 2)


I have a few ideas that could be posts but most of them dissolved into expletive laden rants. I decided that this would be a better use of timeenergysanity, words.  Yeah…words.

-Don’t come by my house unannounced, breh. I’m currently dealing with a habitual offender of this rule and it’s testing my gangsta.

-Don’t test my gangsta. I will seriously kick you in the shins.

-I had to re-home my adorable corgi puppy last year (or was it the year before?) because of a complicated home situation. I miss my her. My sister either thinks she’s helping or she likes torturing me because she keeps sending me pictures of corgis. We’re averaging like one a week.

-I have developed a bad habit of typing text messages and not sending them. I put my phone down thinking I sent them and minutes (or in one case hours) later I realize I’m the reason the conversation ended.

-I’m finishing Holly Madison’s memoir. It’s surprisingly good. It’s a good, quick summer read.

-If you look at my Goodreads account right now it says that I’m also reading Pride and Prejudice. I am not. It was boring and forever taking so I stopped.

-I probably shouldn’t call literary classics boring. I was bored reading it. Maybe it’s me.

– Preparing stuff for alcoholic beverages is always gonna be more important than food prep. Know this.

-Miguel’s new album is pretty good. Give it a listen.

-I have yet to have a good watermelon this summer.

That’s all the random I could think of. What kinda random is going on in your life?

Happy Trina Day!

Happy Trina Day!

It’s my best friend’s birthday and here I am without social media. So to circumvent the No Social Media rule I’ve imposed on myself I’ll write this and it’ll post to Facebook. This is probably cheating…dah well.

Happy Birthday to one of the best friend’s a girl could ever ask for. Thanks for being the…okay I was going to put a Sex and the City movie character here but I don’t think you fit neatly into one character so…thanks for being the kinda Charlotte and a little Carrie to my (finally accepting this inevitable truth) Miranda. Feel free to correct me on this clearly flawed analogy. Here’s to many, many, many more.

Coupla Thoughts

Coupla Thoughts

I’ve done this blogging thing a few times. One of the types of posts I like to do the most are the non-post, stream of consciousness, random crap I’m thinking about but I can’t turn into actual post, post.  No, idea what I’m talking about? Well you’re about to see.

-I made the amazing mistake of listening to N’Sync’s Greatest Hits a few nights ago and y’all… I think we Effie White’d JC Chasez.

-This season on Game of Thrones has been meh.  EXCEPT for anything Jon Snow does. Because Jon Snow.

-I’ve legit only done yoga once since this thirty days of whatever started. I pulled a muscle in my back that one time and have been limping since.

-I need a printer. Anyone wanna gift me a printer? And possibly ink also as well?

-Seriously though…how did Timberlake wind up the solo artist? Go listen to I Drive Myself Crazy and come back and tell me that we didn’t make a mistake.

-Just edited the sentence before this one to make sure it didn’t end in a preposition.

-Facebook/Twitter/Instagram withdrawal is a real thing and you won’t convince me of otherwise.

-One of the most fantastic (<–sarcasm) symptoms of fibromyalgia is brain fog. I’ve recently been losing words. I used the phrase “sky waitress” the other day because I couldn’t remember flight attendant. Yes, I’m ashamed of myself.

-Losing words is great when you’re writing a book or trying to do life in general.

-Having sisters (both birth sisters and those you pick up over the years) is great. Those girls are just amazing.

-I’m really upset about this Timberlake/Chasez thing. HOW y’all?

-So…I also stopped what little drinking I do until my birthday. Why? Reasons I have yet to disclose to myself. I want a beer, wine, and a whiskey. Now.

-Which one of y’all finna buy me a drank for my birthday?

-OH I hear Facebook supports GIFs now. I’m gonna have a GIF party on my birthday. Prepare yourself. No, I haven’t planned an actual party because *shrugs*

You have any randomness you want to share? I’m here to listen…or read or whatever. Stop judging. I may do a real post at the end of the week. Possibly. Maybe. It’s the plan but I don’t have anything in mind. Gimme an idea.

Key to Happiness

Key to Happiness

I may have taken the Final Destination movies a little too literally. It’s entirely possible. I mean who wants to go out because of some virtually impossible chain of events or even worse go through life feeling like they escaped death and now it’s (yes death) is chasing them down. According to the movie, a series of events started when Alex removed a luggage tag from a trip where his parents had flown safely. Blah blah blah things happen, if only Alex had left that tag, right? I, always one to take away a completely unnecessary lesson have my own little “luggage tag” that I’ve had for years.  My mom and sister had a were in a car accident years ago. A car had stalled in the right lane on 95 and they ran into the back of it. They walked away with some cuts and bruises but they walked away. During this time my mom owned a super small, two door, power steering-less Geo Metro. No one loved it but it got us around. We probably all had the best arms of our lives because you don’t realize how awesome power steering is until you don’t have it. After the accident we went to where the car had been towed to pick up some things and to see if anything was salvageable. The guy running the tow yard couldn’t believe that anyone had survived in that car and once we saw it; we couldn’t either.  There was barely a car left. Well let’s be honest it was barely a car to begin with but there was really very little left. We all just stood there looking at it completely bewildered. I was beyond thankful to still have my mom and sister.

Now what does this have to do with my taking Final Destination too literally? When we got home, I believe I was about to go out or I was going through my keys and I started to take the spare Geo key off of my key ring. I got it halfway off and stopped myself. I looked over at my mom and told her that I was keeping the key. They shouldn’t have walked away but they did. I needed that token to remember how quickly everything you love could just be gone without warning. Or for the awesome Final Destination tie in, if I had removed the key (like Alex did the luggage tag in the first movie) I would somehow remind Death that it was owed a debt or something.  What the actual hell were those movies about? I watched every single one of them and cannot for the life of me describe them to another person without sounding like I’ve lost my mind. Here’s my best attempt: Death=Sallie Mae. Pay her or she will find you wherever you are.  Seriously. You’re in danger, girl. Boom summarized.

It has been nearly a decade and I still have that key. I do look at my keys occasionally and have to remind myself what it went to but it’s still there. The reminder gets a little bigger as I get older. It reminds me now that life is short and that I need to live. Not just wake up and breathe and eat and pay taxes (and possibly Sallie Mae) but actually have those moments that make life amazeballs. Travel, take risks, edit that damn book and send it out into the world so that other people may experience it. I know that’s a lot for a key but it’s my constant. My little thing that helps me jump back on track when the darkness creeps in and things stop making sense. If I had removed the key might things have happened differently? I don’t know. I’ll never know. I do know that I’m not going to Final Destination myself into getting my head squished in an elevator door because a man holding a box of hand hooks bumps into me and the hook gets stuck in my hair and I trip.  That, I know.


PS. Did you get that Lost reference?

PPS. If I do happen to go out because my head gets squished in an elevator door because a man holding a box of hand hooks bumps into me and the hook gets stuck in my hair and I trip, please laugh. Laugh hard. I’m serious.

30 Days

30 Days

My 33rd birthday is in thirty days and that little voice in the back of my head said in passing that I should give up social media for that thirty days and try to focus on writing. I’m trying to do a better job listening to that little voice when it says something so here we are. I plan to spend the next thirty days doing research for the book, listening to music, meditating and doing yoga. Basically focusing on being slightly better at life than…well me. I may or may not document the next month here, we’ll see. So with that said if your birthday, anniversary, kid’s birthday, or any other major life event falls in the next thirty days let me take this opportunity to say happy birthday, happy anniversary and congratulations.  I’ll see y’all in 30 days.


*These are going to auto post to Facebook and Twitter so if you are new and didn’t know I had a blog: Hey girl hey! I have a blog.  I deleted everything and started over a few months ago so you are starting at a good point. Also if curse words hurt your eyes then this isn’t going to be the best representation of me because I will curse and I’m not working on it. As I said, though, welcome! Leave a comment, let’s talk. 🙂