Coupla Thoughts

Coupla Thoughts

I’ve done this blogging thing a few times. One of the types of posts I like to do the most are the non-post, stream of consciousness, random crap I’m thinking about but I can’t turn into actual post, post.  No, idea what I’m talking about? Well you’re about to see.

-I made the amazing mistake of listening to N’Sync’s Greatest Hits a few nights ago and y’all… I think we Effie White’d JC Chasez.

-This season on Game of Thrones has been meh.  EXCEPT for anything Jon Snow does. Because Jon Snow.

-I’ve legit only done yoga once since this thirty days of whatever started. I pulled a muscle in my back that one time and have been limping since.

-I need a printer. Anyone wanna gift me a printer? And possibly ink also as well?

-Seriously though…how did Timberlake wind up the solo artist? Go listen to I Drive Myself Crazy and come back and tell me that we didn’t make a mistake.

-Just edited the sentence before this one to make sure it didn’t end in a preposition.

-Facebook/Twitter/Instagram withdrawal is a real thing and you won’t convince me of otherwise.

-One of the most fantastic (<–sarcasm) symptoms of fibromyalgia is brain fog. I’ve recently been losing words. I used the phrase “sky waitress” the other day because I couldn’t remember flight attendant. Yes, I’m ashamed of myself.

-Losing words is great when you’re writing a book or trying to do life in general.

-Having sisters (both birth sisters and those you pick up over the years) is great. Those girls are just amazing.

-I’m really upset about this Timberlake/Chasez thing. HOW y’all?

-So…I also stopped what little drinking I do until my birthday. Why? Reasons I have yet to disclose to myself. I want a beer, wine, and a whiskey. Now.

-Which one of y’all finna buy me a drank for my birthday?

-OH I hear Facebook supports GIFs now. I’m gonna have a GIF party on my birthday. Prepare yourself. No, I haven’t planned an actual party because *shrugs*

You have any randomness you want to share? I’m here to listen…or read or whatever. Stop judging. I may do a real post at the end of the week. Possibly. Maybe. It’s the plan but I don’t have anything in mind. Gimme an idea.


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