I’m People, Too

I’m People, Too

Being away from social media gives you a bit of insight about yourself. The most important thing I’ve realized is that I rant a lot on social media.  I’ve ranted and unfriended folks over topics and given no explanation.  Most rants don’t need explanations. I could save myself a lot of time and just stop ranting. Maybe I could just tell people they’re being judgmental, obtuse, elitist dickbags. Someone told me that I’m a writer, though. I’m trying to find better use of words.

Welfare, food stamps and other types of help are the issues that I’m talking about here. You may have read a facebook status and wondered to yourself why I care so much. Well here I am without my social  media and that little voice in my head saying to write about it. You are about to get a reason. It’s about to get real. You think you know but you have no idea (you have some idea I just always wanted to say that). I haven’t worked for three years because of medical problems. I was just denied disability for the third time.  While I was waiting for disability I applied for and have used food stamps. I am the type of person in the exact situation that food stamps were created. I’m not some stereotype. Just a thirty-two year old with some medical problems.

That’s why I rant. That’s why I’m sensitive when you complain about the crowded grocery store on the first of the month. That’s why I have a rage stroke every time drug testing recipients becomes a topic. When you cry about working full time and not being able to afford a steak I hear your cries. Then I collect your tears in a mason jar filled with organic limes and Perrier and sip slow. I did not eat from generic boxes of microwavable bullshit before and I’m not now. I’m not less than a person because I’ve used food stamps. That’s what I need for people to know. No one is. Most are people who have fallen on hard times and need some help.

There are people, real people like me, who read those insensitive posts. Not everyone is going to come forward and they shouldn’t have to. We all just need to be a lot more considerate about what we post. If you aren’t I’m not going to post rants anymore. It’s not my best use of words. I’m just going to say stop being a judgmental, obtuse, elitist sack of phalluses. That’s a much better use of words.


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