30 Days

30 Days

My 33rd birthday is in thirty days and that little voice in the back of my head said in passing that I should give up social media for that thirty days and try to focus on writing. I’m trying to do a better job listening to that little voice when it says something so here we are. I plan to spend the next thirty days doing research for the book, listening to music, meditating and doing yoga. Basically focusing on being slightly better at life than…well me. I may or may not document the next month here, we’ll see. So with that said if your birthday, anniversary, kid’s birthday, or any other major life event falls in the next thirty days let me take this opportunity to say happy birthday, happy anniversary and congratulations.  I’ll see y’all in 30 days.


*These are going to auto post to Facebook and Twitter so if you are new and didn’t know I had a blog: Hey girl hey! I have a blog.  I deleted everything and started over a few months ago so you are starting at a good point. Also if curse words hurt your eyes then this isn’t going to be the best representation of me because I will curse and I’m not working on it. As I said, though, welcome! Leave a comment, let’s talk. 🙂


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